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Setting out engineering

Setting out training 1_edited.jpg

We have been conducting free setting out engineering survey for quite some time now. To register for the next training session, please click the link below.

AutoCAD training

AutoCAD Training image.jpg

As part of our engineering training, we also provide AutoCAD and other CAD trainings required for you to succeed on the field. Please register below to join the next cohort.

Machine control modelling and virtual site control

Machine control modelling.PNG

We provide advanced heavy machinery installation for machine modelling, virtual machinery tracking and machine control.

Land research for building planning application

Land research and planning application advert.JPG

As we encourage and support more Self-builders, we support with land and planning research in partnership with our Planning team and the Councils to bring your building project dream to live. Please contact us for a quote

Land and Geospatial survey

Land survey.JPG

We use the state-of-the-art surveying equipment like Leica GS18T for our land and geospatial survey training

Monitoring Survey

Setting out training 1_edited.jpg

We are working on adding this training to our portfolio. Please contact us and we can work with our existing partners to meet your business needs.

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